Digital Cross Connects (DXX)

Digital Cross Connect System (DXX)

Bandwidth Manager
DXX node can be described as a digital MUX equipped with several Trunks and Access interfaces
Often referred to as a flexible multiplexer or "Flex Mux", reflecting the flexible implementation of different interface connections
Enables the provision of lower/sub rate traffic as compared to other media e.g., from Digital Exchanges we can provide only Analog voice, BRI (2B+D) i.e 128Kbps and PRI (30B+D)
Can provide a variety of data and speech bands sub and Super-rate multiplexing up to 2Mb/s
Supports all modern technologies e.g., ATM, FR & ISDN

Integrated Services

Mixed media at a number of standard data rates

Service Features

The DXX provides a complete networking solution to the network operators with the following benefits:

Efficient utilization of existing transmission bandwidth
Powerful NMS to manage large networks
The best flexibility for networking
Higher service quality and hence higher customer satisfaction
DXX (Digital)
Super rate : Multiplexing of = > 64 K bits / Sec
Sub-rate : Multiplexing of < 64 K bits / Sec

Most typical DXX applications are

Data applications
Voice applications

DXX Voice Applications

Voice Applications Include:-
Telephone Line/Number Extension
Hot line
PBX extension
Voice compression
Between mobile switching centers

Data Applications Include:-
Leased line data circuits
LAN interconnection
Point to Point data
Point to multipoint data
Paging Systems

DXX Applications in Mobile:-
Analog / Digital mobile traffic between mobile exchanges
Voice compression
Data traffic
LAN interconnection
Bandwidth optimization